Become a Learn&Lead Trainer

Dear colleagues,

I feel excited to say that we have discovered a unique place full of opportunities for language teachers, trainers and managers – The Learn&Lead Island. Let us take you on an adventurous journey towards your self-discovery and self-mastery that this Island offers.  

To sustain your personal and professional development in today´s rapidly changing world of ELT, you have got a unique opportunity to obtain the Learn&Lead Certificate of a Language Trainer.

The Certified Learn&Lead programme consists of the following:

A foundation course for all (teachers, trainers, managers)

1st course       The Learner-Centred Approach, 30 lessons

Two specific courses for teachers and trainers

2nd course     The Essentials of Communication, 24 lessons

3rd course      The Essentials of Leadership, 24 lessons

It is good to know that the Learn&Lead Certification of a Language Trainer is currently an inevitable part of establishing a common strategy of continuing professional development of language teachers and trainers within the Slovak Association of Language Schools.

The first course- The Learner-Centred Approach- will develop your creativity and empathy as well as your pedagogical-psychological thinking. Its specific goals are the following:

  • develop knowledge on the mechanisms of learning languages and its application impact
  • improve knowledge of the developmental particularities of students relevant for learning a foreign language 
  • deepen understanding of the individual particularities of students and the possibility of respecting it in languages teaching
  • enhance empathy of teachers enabling them to deeply understand thoughts, behaviour and needs of students in the classroom and subsequently modify the teaching process
  • develop the skills of foreign languages teaching in meaningful and relevant situations

In the days from 3rd March to 31st March 2017 you are going to be led by Gabriela Lojová and her follower Eva Paršová. The course will be held on 26 Kapitulska in Trnava every Friday from 13:00 to 18:00.

The basic price for the course is 460 € (VAT included), members of Slovak Association of Language Schools are eligible for special discount. You can get a personal discount of 15% if you enrol by 28th February 2017. To get your place, please contact us at

We promise you lots of fun, inspiration and hard work !  


Jana Chynoradská

The Programme Developer