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Koronakríza poriadne preskúšala naše schopnosti vysporiadať sa so zmenou. Popasovali sme sa s ňou statočne a spolu s našimi certifikovanými lektormi Learn&Lead z Írska a Škótska - Tomom a Dee McGinty, sme spustili autentické živé vysielania na FB. Všetci traja naši lektori sa zo dňa na deň stali "rozprávači príbehov" a to, čo sa dialo za oponou, s čím a ako sa museli vysporiadať, vám ponúkame postupne v troch rozhovoroch. Začíname dnes s Dee, a to priamo v angličtine!

Why did you join Jana in this initiative?

I thought it sounded different, exciting, fun and live storytelling on the internet was something I hadn’t done before. A new adventure! I was also given the autonomy to decide what I wanted to talk about and to the age group I wanted to reach. As I had worked with children from pre-school to 10 years of age for many years, this was my natural choice of age group.

Did you enjoy it?

Yes, immensely, although, at the beginning, I was very nervous at the thought of talking into a blue light on the laptop. I enjoyed working together with my husband Tom on our stories and putting the visuals onto power point for presenting with each story.

What have you learnt from this experience?

I overcame my fear of potentially talking to many strangers I couldn’t see and was surprised at the number of people and countries the stories reached. I also learnt a few new technical skills. I learnt that I still like a challenge.

What did you like most?

Once I had decided on the story, although it was very time consuming, I loved searching for the visuals to support the story and making the finger puppets. I hoped the viewers enjoyed what I had to say and show. Both Jana and Tom were there to support me if I needed it and I was there for them too.

What didn´t work?

The printer cartridge ran out of colour Ink!! Essential shops open only and the little supermarket didn’t stock printing ink. I couldn’t print any more visuals. Power Point presentation via the TV was bright but I was in the dark. Sometimes it was difficult to find the time needed due to other commitments during the week.

How did you deal with difficulties?

First of all, I don’t panic! I stop and think. Although I was unable to find another colour ink cartridge locally, printing visuals was abandoned. I had to move to plan B - Power Point presentation through the TV Problems with lighting still needs solving. I am possibly returning to printing visuals for future presentation when printer ink is available.

What´s next for you?

Who knows? Something positive! I feel a change coming and also presenting one story per month.

More about Dee McGinty

Dee was raised in the village of Hale, Cheshire, England by Irish parents and has dual Nationality (Irish/British).She worked in the Finance sector before transferring into Childcare and Development. Over a period of 16 years between England and Scotland, Dee worked with pre-school to 10 year old children in various kindergartens, private and state schools. She moved back into administration and management with the Red Cross and decided to study full-time at Glasgow Caledonian University where she obtained a B.A. Degree in Marketing and Communications.In 2006 she moved to Pau, France and started teaching English to juniors between the ages of four and 10. Her hobbies are dancing and curling and while in Scotland, she coached curling to both adults and youths and ran the local junior curling club. In 2002 she set up her own annual international junior tournament hosted in different countries with competing club teams from Canada, Europe and Japan.

Rozumeli ste nášmu rozhovoru? Ste zvedaví, aké budú ďalšie príbehy a rozprávky? Ak áno, tak nezabudnite sledovať náš FB už túto stredu 10. júna o 17:00, kedy bude Dee vysielať naživo rozprávku, o ktorej nám prezradila toto: "My story is of Russian origin. The Enormous Turnip. Grandfather plants a turnip seed which grows so big, he can't pull it up by himself and needs help. If we all work together, anything is possible!"

Tešíme sa na vás!

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