Máte radi strašidelné príbehy?

Od minulého týždňa sa na našom facebooku rozbehla ďalšia vlna online príbehov od našich rozprávačov. Dnes vám prinášame druhý rozhovor z našej rozprávkovej série od nášho škótskeho kolegu - Toma McGinty, ktorý nám v angličtine priblíži jeho skúsenosti so živými vysielaniami. 

Why did you join Jana in this initiative?

I decided to join in the initiative because it sounded like a fun and interesting idea. Also, I enjoyed previous experience of working with Jana as part of the Prolantcap project.

Did you enjoy it?

Yes I did.

What have you learnt from this experience?

Although I have had previous experience of giving talks / lectures in front of native and non-native speakers and also of giving English lessons by distance (e.g. Skype), this is the first time I have combined the two. I have learned that the dynamics are very different (cannot see audience, challenges of audio and video quality magnify the need to speak slowly and clearly and to reinforce information by repetition).

What did you like most?

The opportunity to share history and folk stories from my country with other nationalities.

What didn´t work?

Some technological gremlins with incompatible computers. Poor lighting following switch to 5pm time-slot (from 10.30) and maybe spoke too fast at times. Final story was perhaps too complicated, especially for non-native speakers (lots of names and place names to remember).

How did you deal with difficulties?

I identified and resolved technical problems – did test run on Harmony site to check. I also brought extra lighting into room and tried to speak more slowly! I will choose shorter, lighter stories in future. (No history lessons!)

What´s next for you?

Complete Master’s degree and then find a new challenge!

More about Tom McGinty

Tom McGinty was born in Glasgow in 1962 and grew up on the West Coast of Scotland before moving across country to attend Edinburgh University in 1980 to study Law. He then moved to London and worked as a Property Management Surveyor for six years. In 1989 he decided to leave city life behind and travel around Europe by motorcycle. He passed the Celta Certificate in Paris and went on to work in Turkey, Greece, Tunisia and Portugal before settling in France where he has lived since 2003. He obtained a degree in English at the University of Pau (UPPA) in 2017 and is currently working towards his Masters. He is married to Dee and supports Celtic Football Club. His hobbies are music, movies and motorcycles.

Páčil sa vám dnešný rozhovor? Zaujíma vás, o čom bude nasledujúca rozprávka? Ak áno, tak nezabudnite sledovať náš FB už túto stredu 17. júna o 17:00, kedy bude Tom vysielať naživo rozprávku s názvom "Haunted Edinburgh" – o jednom z najstarších a najkrajších miest v Európe.

Milovníci histórie si prídu na svoje!

Tešíme sa na vás!

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