The 9 Learn&Lead Principles of a SMART Person


Author and trainer

Jana Chynoradska is a mentor, inspirator, awakener and the author of three books on personal and organisational development. She is a happy teacher who can motivate people and help them to get to their success. Apart from this Jana is the owner of a language school with a 20-year rich history and the Development Lead at the Centre of Innovation for further professional training of adults.

"How to integrate the Learn&Lead management principles in your daily life, feel empowered and apply them to achieve excellence with the right work life balance? This training course offers the ultimately pragmatic approach where we look at the 9 Principles of a Smart Person. You can choose the form of the training where you will anchor not only this philosophy but also develop your managerial vocabulary and mindset in English."

Valerie Demange, August 2020

Is this workshop for you?

  • Are you a manager who needs some fresh air to find a way for the development of your company or organisation?

  • Is your company or organisation involved in training, services or production?

  • Can you speak English?

If you have answered YES – then this workshop is for you and trust us, it will show you the way to your success

The questions you will find the answers to in the workshop

  • How can the 9 principles make you a smart person?

  • How can you find the way in your business that will take you to profit and visible outcomes?

  • How can you awake yourself, your organisation and lead your team to a cooperation?

  • How can you use this training for the benefit of your organisation?

  • How can you believe in yourself and your success?


The 9 Learn & Lead Principles - Intensive Study in a Group


Duration: 10 weeks x 60 minutes

Place: Microsoft Teams

Date: 16th March - 18th May 2021

Day: Tuesday 

Time: 4.30 - 5.30 PM


Only if registered by 30th October 2020.

BASIC service

10 x 60 minutes in a group

PREMIUM service

- 10 x 60 minuts in a group 

- reporting and notes from the sessions


- 10 x 60 minutes in a group 

- reporting and notes from the sessions

- 10 x 20 minutes individually