The Learn&Lead Concept by Jana Chynoradská


LAST CALL: We kindly invite you to a 2-day workshop to Bojnice with the program for your children and with a discount of -65%!


Is this workshop for you?

  • Are you a manager who needs some fresh air to find a way for the development of your company or organisation?

  • Is your company or organisation involved in training, services or production and deals with people as such?

  • Can you speak English?

If you have answered YES – then this workshop is for you and trust us, it will show you the way to your success


Jana Chynoradska is a mentor, inspirator, awakener and the author of three books on personal and organisational development. She is a happy teacher who can motivate people and help them to get to their success. Apart from this Jana is the owner of a language school with a 20-year rich history and the Development Lead at the Centre of Innovation for further professional training of adults.

The questions you will find the answers to in the workshop

  • How can the 9 principles make you a smart person?

  • How can you find the way in your business that will take you to profit and visible outcomes?

  • How can you awake yourself, your organisation and lead your team to a cooperation?

  • How can you use training for the benefit of organisations?

  • How can you believe in yourself and your success?


Meals and accommodation

Everyone books and pays their accommodation individually. You can book your stay at Bojnice with a special price of 31 Eur/ half board accommodation/ person/night. Write us t and we will book your stay for you!



We offer you an incredible discount of 65%. Today the price is only 100 Euro/participant if you register by 5pm on Wednesday 12th August 2020.

Leaflet of the event available HERE.


Date: 14th - 16th August 2020



Friday 14th August, dinner at 19:00


Sunday 16th August at 15:30


Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 to 15:00

Program for children:

Interesting program arranged for children during the training

Price per participant of the training:




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